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The Ulmer Scale, purveyor of the industry's leading star and director bankability powerbases, is inviting a select number of individuals to join our Academy of Global Graders -- our exclusive, anonymous group of film industry "wisdom keepers."

We are continually searching for informed, deliberative and engaged professionals to come on board to help rate and analyze the work of some of the most important actors in the world.

Members of our Academy of Global Graders regularly review and score the global talent we track. Their responses are then converted into scores and published in our proprietary Actors and Directors Hot Lists.

These scores are relied upon by industry professionals worldwide to help green- light casts and financing for motion picture productions. Consequently, our Academy members have the power to directly influence the bankability of hundreds of actors and directors around the world.

Our Graders are anonymous, discreet and receive exclusive benefits, including complimentary use of our powerbases to help in the packaging and closing of their deals.

We're especially looking for sales agents, buyers, sellers, producers, financiers and other professionals with particular expertise in the market value of talent from the top 10-15 box office territories worldwide.

If that might be you, then here's what you do:

  1. Fill out and submit your full Ulmer Scale Profile, below.
  2. Grade and submit a preliminary Test Panel of 35 actors.
  3. Wait to hear from us. We will contact you within a few days to let you know your subscription and Grader options.















Welcome to Your Ulmer Scale Grader Profile

Welcome to your Ulmer Scale Grader Profile.

Please provide us with the following information so that we may register you as a prospective Ulmer Scale Grader. All information will be held in strict confidentiality. Completing your Grader Profile fully and promptly may raise your Grader Credit Score (GCS).

Once you have finished creating your Profile, you will be directed to a preliminary panel of actors to grade within a target time period.

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